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Die Before Living vs. Live Before Dying

Dear Tube Dependant Driver, It bothers me that I see you through the lens of a tube. I'm not sure why. It makes no sense why something that small would scew my view of you in such a monumental way. I apologize if it seemed like I was staring while we both sat motionless at the red light. I suppose the little clear oxygen tube that trailed from your nostrils around your ear contrasted by your 20 year old face is what threw me off. By default I assume you're dying: probably in a few days.  I'm not sure why I go there, but I do. Due to my ignorant pity that was born out of illicit supposition, I found myself wondering how you're living your life. Knowing you're gonna die tomorrow (which seemed the most likely option), what are your priorities; what are you fighting to change today. I'm not dying tomorrow and will most likely live for quite some time. So why is it I'm not doing something life changing? Why is it that so many of us would change what we're doing and how we're living if we knew we were going to die tomorrow? Why not live while we still have life to live?   -Dave