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Blind Beauty

Dear Sightless Stroller, Time seemed to stand still as watched you swiftly make your way down the sidewalk, feeling every bump, crack and obstacle with your white and red "eyes" that swung back and forth from side to side. I imagined what you the world must be saying to you as the breeze dances across you skin and the rustling leaves whisper in your ears. Just seeing you, unable to see, made me acutely aware of the beauty that surrounded me: the leaves are turning green, flowers are starting to bloom, the spring breeze that seems to be welcoming in the new season.   Then gone.  The world snapped back to the blur in which I am accustomed; the life of blissful ignorance as I take for granted the beauty that I can only imagine you long to see, if just for a moment. I'd say it's fair to say that your ability to see, I mean 'really' see, is far better than mine.  -Dave