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Letter to my future daughter

hi sweetheart,

there are so many things i want to tell you…about life and what i’ve learned (so far). firstly i want to say i love you..though you do not exist yet (and most likely won’t till 6-8 years later).

anyway…it’s because i love you that i wish i could put you in a safe…to..um…keep you safe…. i just don’t want to ever see you hurt…

i want to refrain you from dating till you’re 50 just so i’ll be too old to see you get your heart broken…

it happens to most people and its happening to me. i just want to say i’m sorry. i know how much it hurts and i wish i could take away the pain. i am always here for you if you want to talk .

another thing, you are what you set your mind to be. never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough…what ever…you are enough of you and thats what counts!

i can’t wait ro hold you in my arms, watch you grow, to laugh and cry with you.

i pray that i’ll be the parent you’ll need. and that this time im spending i’ll grow into that person.

p.s being single isn’t such a bad thing…i’m single now and its good :).

i love you


Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: zambia