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The Dress Code of Spring

Dear Sunshine Stroller, There was a bold, confident air about you today as you strolled down the street in the early spring sunshine. I’m not sure if it was because something great had just happened to you and life couldn’t be better, or if it was because you were on the verge of turning your dreams into reality and had just stumbled upon the missing piece as you were inspired by the coming of spring. But maybe, just maybe, it was because you knew that you were the only person in town walking down the street with their shirt off only one day after it snowed. Your long, steady strides seemed to tell the story of a man who knew had big plans and places to go; neither of which were going to require any sort of upper body garment. There wasn’t even a t-shirt tucked into your belt. Driving passed in my car, with the windows up, wearing my thick leather jacket only one thought crossed my mind: Damn that dude looks cool. – Dave
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The Beauty of Innocence

Dear Young Spaghetti Eater,
I loved the way that you wiped spaghetti sauce off your vace with the sleeve of your shirt as if that's excatly what sleeves were designed for. I wish I still had your pragmatic innocence where the only thing that mattered to you in that moment was getting spaghetti sauce off your face; not the stain that will be left there tomorrow.
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Die Before Living vs. Live Before Dying

Dear Tube Dependant Driver, It bothers me that I see you through the lens of a tube. I'm not sure why. It makes no sense why something that small would scew my view of you in such a monumental way. I apologize if it seemed like I was staring while we both sat motionless at the red light. I suppose the little clear oxygen tube that trailed from your nostrils around your ear contrasted by your 20 year old face is what threw me off. By default I assume you're dying: probably in a few days.  I'm not sure why I go there, but I do. Due to my ignorant pity that was born out of illicit supposition, I found myself wondering how you're living your life. Knowing you're gonna die tomorrow (which seemed the most likely option), what are your priorities; what are you fighting to change today. I'm not dying tomorrow and will most likely live for quite some time. So why is it I'm not doing something life changing? Why is it that so many of us would change what we're doing and how we're living if we knew we were going to die tomorrow? Why not live while we still have life to live?   -Dave
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The Simple Things In Life…

Dear Lemonade Man, They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beauty seen through your eyes is so quiet and simple and magnificent. There are a lot of people who forget that it's the simple things that matter most. This is the camp where I often reside. Thanks for such an open view into the beauty you see and reminding me that if I just hold on to the simple things, life will be okay.
Keep making lemonade.