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Errant Moral Compass vs. Field of Dreams

Dear Corn Thief, Seeing you and your partner emerge from the vast field of 6 foot corn stalks I felt as though I was actually living in the movie "Field of Dreams" (either that or "Children of the Corn"). I half expected to look to my right through my driver's side window and see a dozen or so semi-translucent baseball pro's in the middle of an epic "afterlife" battle of the diamond. Instead I saw you trudging out of the ditch with two large shopping bags full of corn. What I realized as I watched you and your clepto friend continue on your way was just how much the rest of society respects the boundaries of personal property. It would be easy to take a few ears of corn or snag some apples from a nearby orchard without consequence. But in large part, whether people realize it or not, they are guided by a moral compass that respects others. Your compass may be off a few degrees but I'm glad you're not the norm.