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Today we celebrate you…

Dear Fathers,

I have been reflecting on the impact of your presence in my life and I honestly couldn’t not imagine what my life would be without you: ALL of you. I have been blessed to be the son of one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth and I made sure to tell my dad just that. But he is not the only father that has helped to shape who I am.

The finger prints of fathers are all over my life, from wise words of a grandfather and the sound advice of an uncle to the encouragement and challenge from a friend’s father to my own friends who are now fathers themselves. You have made me who I am and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

I hope that today is filled with joy, love and fantastic breakfast of waffles whipped cream and bacon.

You deserve it.

From one father to another,

         – Dave

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Dear Team Player

Dear Team Player

You’ve been around for years on our team. One thing I heard you say repeatedly is that you’re a team player. As with anyone, you had your share of mistakes and failure under pressure but your resilience and integrity was never in question.

People can be mean, especially when the chips fall – and because of your position – you usually take “the hit” for the team. Still, however, you walk tall and trust in your integrity; so rare these days and encouraging to see.

I’ll admit, I’ve occasionally been a “finger pointer” when you’ve let me down. Sometimes when decisions are so ludicrous and faulty it’s hard to not criticize, constructively or not.

Well, to no real fault of your own, you are moving on. No one officially asked you to leave but you are wise and knew when it was time. And you requested to leave with such class, again maintaining your loyalty to the team and that you are a team player. “Whatever is best for the team is what the decision is ultimately about.”

Yes, you will definitely be missed. Your impact on our team was record-setting. You’ve helped us more than any other in your position in the past. It’s astonishing how quickly we turn and forget.
I wish you all the best in your next organization and that you’ll take them to new heights.

Roberto Luongo, you really are all-class.

Everyone makes mistakes. I hope that letting you go isn’t one of ours.

A Canucks Fan

Today’s letter was written by Name: Glen Twitter: GlenCochrane Blog: https://plus.google.com/110257423245830118742 Written From: Canada