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Anonymous Giver

Dear Anonymous Donor,

Thank you.

There really isn’t much else to say. I just wanted to give back what little I can and inspire others to do the same. I set a modest goal to help raise money and provide water to those who need it.

You didn’t have to do what you did. But thank you so very much. Not only did you contribute in a huge way towards my goal, but you inspired me to hold material things with a loose grip.

I suppose the reality is that it’s not about supporting someone you know helping their cause but simply giving back because we live in abundance.

Thank you for reminding me of that.

– Dave

Today’s letter was written by Name: Dave Twitter: @davesohnchen Blog: http://mycharitywater.org/davesohnchen Written From: Canada
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Wannabe Trend Setter vs. “Compassionate” Label Whore

Dear Wanna Be Trend Follower, It's crazy and frustrating to realize how our materialistic culture has conditioned me. When I saw your TOMS rip-offs (only assuming they are "BOBS" by Sketchers. My first reaction was "Nice fake shoes. Couldn't afford the real ones?" Which if you think about it is a straight by-product of the school yard where kids are made fun of, called four eyes and told that their brown moose sweater and velcro Brooks are for 90 year olds. I caught myself off guard. Who am I to judge you on your shoes? Just because they copied the business/marketing model of another company who gives away shoes to kids who need them? It's ridiculous how we identify with individual labels as opposed to brilliant acts of humanity: how we identify with the latest passing trends as opposed to solid, timeless ethical convictions like giving. Toms, Sams, Jims, or Normans; it shouldn't matter; yet it does. As you stood wearing your fake TOMS and me wearing my fake BOBS, I couldn't help by ask myself: "What's more important, the packaging or end product?" I knew the answer before I asked the question.
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Your day may have been shit but I bet you were wearing shoes

Today’s letter goes out to Fadra Nally (@allthingsfadra), a blogger from North Carolina who is taking the Flippin’ Good! Deeds Challenge. Let’s help her change the world and give her an opportunity to see it happen with her own eyes. See how you can help.
Dear Community Shoe Collector, "Even my bad days are good days." The truth of these words hit home as I reflect on the difficult season that I seem to be merely plodding through. There is so much to be grateful for; so much that we can still afford to give back despite the "shitty" situations that we may find ourselves in while living in North America. And you're doing it. You are exploiting the abundance (or as a cynic such as myself would say "the overindulgence") of our excessive western culture by giving back in such a tangible way. Shoes. We're obsessed with them. So much so that we have closets full of them that we've only worn a handful of times that sit waiting to be discovered in the front closet or under the bed only to be thrown in the trash; or if they're really lucky thrown into a garbage bag and hauled down to the second hand store. But not you. You're collecting them, and not because you have a shoe fetish but because you want to change the world and see it with your own eyes. There are a lot of people who don't understand the power and strength of online communities but you GET it. You have inspired me to help however I can. Even if I do live in Canada. You truly are an inspiration and a social role model.          Thank you and god speed.
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The Wisdom of a 10 Year Old

Dear Passionate 10 Year Old, I have never talked to a more passionate, mature, selfless girl than you. As I listened to you pour your heart out and share ideas how people could/should be helping raise awareness about what's happening to kids and families in North Africa, I knew deep down inside that our world (the one that you are already shaping) is going to be okay. You are part of a generation that will change our world through the selfless acts of kindness and humility that are deeply woven into your DNA.  People will try to tell you that you're too young to change the world; to wait until you grow up. Here's a secret: Wisdom does not come from age, it comes from having the ability to see the world through the eyes of others (especially those less fortunate than you).             You are more wise than I.  -Dave
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The Gift of Giving vs. Obnoxious A-Hole’s

Dear Giving Partiers, You really are good at sharing. The fact that you would allow the entire block to hear your music is pretty generous. A giving spirit is an amazing quality to have; but can I make a simply suggestion? You may want to confirm that your gift will be well received. Otherwise it's a bit like giving milk to someone who's lactose intolerant.  -Dave
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Displaced Bridge Troll