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Anonymous Giver

Dear Anonymous Donor,

Thank you.

There really isn’t much else to say. I just wanted to give back what little I can and inspire others to do the same. I set a modest goal to help raise money and provide water to those who need it.

You didn’t have to do what you did. But thank you so very much. Not only did you contribute in a huge way towards my goal, but you inspired me to hold material things with a loose grip.

I suppose the reality is that it’s not about supporting someone you know helping their cause but simply giving back because we live in abundance.

Thank you for reminding me of that.

– Dave

Today’s letter was written by Name: Dave Twitter: @davesohnchen Blog: http://mycharitywater.org/davesohnchen Written From: Canada
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The Passion of Your Life’s Work

Dear Italian Coffee Connoisseur, Thanks for giving me an amazing alternative to Starbucks. Your passion for what you di is something to be marvelled. As if that weren't enough, you made my 2 year old daughter's day by giving her a hot chocolate of  her very own. The world is a brighter place because you're in it.  -Dave