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you rock!

Dear friend,
Today you texted me with this: “Have I ever told you that you ROCK?” This comment came simply because I was going to drop something off at your house. I wasn’t feeling too much like I ‘rocked’ right then when I got the text message.
I had locked my keys in the car and didn’t know the address of where I was to tell the tow truck driver…we live in a small community so I started with “you know where so and so lives?”
The reply, “no”.
“well, you know the road that goes to the ball park?”
“It’s not that road, it’s the other one”
Ok, so I knew not the address nor even the street name of where I was.
I told her this and she replied with “I think you can still rock and not be that swift”
Ok, how cool is that?
She still thinks I can rock even when I’m feeling (and being) quite stupid.!
So…I’m feeling like a better person, like maybe life is going to be ok today.
Thanx friend.
Thanx for making me feel better about my day.
You rock!

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: a chair, hidden in a corner
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As your life changes

Dear Tyler,

This letter is to thank you for your friendship. I really have no way of expressing what you have meant to me over the years but you deserve to hear my feeble attempt at least in writing, as I have never been good at telling you in person. Tyler, you have become one of my best friends. I was trying to remember everything from the beginning so I could write it all down but I know I’m forgetting most of it. It all started with meeting you at your mom’s piano recital when I was probably 14 or 15 years old. I thought you were cute. I stopped taking lessons soon after that but always remembered your face and when I resumed lessons around the age of 19, I always secretly hoped I would run into you; but it never happened. Eventually, I moved to Bellingham, WA to start school when I was 20 years old. Sometime after this, I randomly saw that you were the friend of a friend (or something like that) on Facebook. Could this be the SAME guy I met so many years ago? Only one way to find out….and I sent you a hello message. From there, the rest is history. You didn’t know it then, but you were saving my life. It was my first year out of the nest and I was struggling with the desire to be like the rest of my class whose extracurricular activities consisted of partying, bar hopping and sleeping around. I had no one to talk to about this, no one to strengthen my faith…until you came along. I remember spending hours on the phone talking about everything under the sun while I worked on finishing the PTA program and you rounded up the last of your pre-nursing classes. We spoke of our dreams for the future-we had lots of those-, what we liked and did not like, people we knew and eventually, our different faiths. It was at this time I started to really take an interest in what I actually believed. We had so many differences to discuss and I started asking people questions about the Bible and researching topics for myself and I know you did the same. Right before I turned 21, it was finally time to meet in person. That entire day I was nervous….Was this a date? Will we have anything to talk about? What’s going to happen? were all questions running through my head. The evening was spent at El Sombrero’s and ended up being very memorable with me trying your drink and getting caught by the host, who also threatened to call the police if he saw me doing that again. By the time I left the restaurant, I was so embarrassed I thought for sure I would never hear from you again. But I did! And you continued to be one of the best friends a girl could hope for. I moved back to Walla Walla and we started hanging out more; sometimes just us drinking some wine or Mike’s Hard Lemonade secretly as we still didn’t want anyone from our backgrounds knowing that we drank a little, and sometimes meeting up with your friends at a restaurant, usually Applebee’s. I started traveling around for work and would lose touch with you for months at a time but the thing was, I always knew you were there and that the instant I saw you, we could pick up right where we had left off. I’m not sure when but sometime during all this, you lost a bet and were forced to try my favorite thai food restaurant Bangkok 103 with all of Rudy’s delicious cooking. Who knew it would become your best friend food-wise and that you would basically end up supporting their business with the way you frequented it.  Every time I came back home for a visit I always tried to squeeze in a thai dinner with you where we would discuss everything that had happened since the last time, often stories of girlfriends/boyfriends that didn’t work out and consoling ourselves with the fact that if we were still single at 30, we could marry each other. Finally, we had the privilege of living in the same glorious town; Yakima WA. Due to your crazy work schedule, we didn’t get to spend much time together but I have great memories of trying new restaurants out, floating down the River for 4 or 5 hours with our cooler of drinks, sitting out on your porch drinking a new concoction while we watched the sun go down and talked about real estate, bottling up your homemade beer, and not to be forgotten…exploring the off-limits parking garage and running for our lives when we were caught. Eventually, we were both back in Walla Walla where we didn’t see that much of each other but occasionally met up for thai food, went to see an outdoor movie, had drinks with your friends at Applebee’s or you showed up at game night. Around November 2011 I stopped hearing from you and in December I got this text about how you met a girl and you wanted to bring her to the Christmas Party if you came. It didn’t work out to come but the next month you both came to a gingerbread house making party and a few days later we all went out for thai food. Tiffany had found something at Bangkok 103 that she liked, which made her definite marriage material.  By this time you are already enamored with each other and you even turned down a coveted job opportunity in SoCal because somehow, you already know that this girl is something special. A few months later I jokingly ask if you are engaged yet and OMG….you are! The day that you have dreamed of for so long is finally here and I couldn’t be happier for you. I have listened to you talk for years about wanting to be married and all of your perfect proposal plans, and I wanted this day to happen for you almost as much as you did. Of course, it is tinged with sadness as I know things will never quite be the same and I am losing the best guy-friend I have; but not in a million years would I wish it differently. I love you Tyler- the pure, unadulterated kind of love that wants the best for you…and the best has finally happened.

Today’s letter was written by Name: Char
Written From: Washington
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Dear Friend

Dear Friend.

You’re always there for me. You always know what to say. You always know when to say nothing, yet you’ll never let me be, so-as to become stale.

You don’t hear it enough but thank you; you’re so appreciated. I look forward to every time we can just be together.

I trust the feelings are somewhat mutual. I’ve married a true friend.

P.S. What’s for dinner?

Today’s letter was written by Name: H.T. 575
Twitter: haikutube
Blog: http://haikutube.wordpress.com
Written From: Canada
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When Friendships Supersede Time & Space

Dear Far Away Friend, I still remember when we met for the first time and talked forever about metal bands we liked. It's rare to find friendships that supersede time and space. I know that when we hang out again it will be as if not a moment has passed since the last time I saw you. (I just really hope it's soon).
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Before There Was Social Media…

Dear Bickering Old Fuddy Duddies, So here you are, sitting down over coffee while bickering back and forth about a variety of different topics. Normally I'd write you off as a couple of grumpy old men who had nothing else to do but bitch at each other for no other reason than because no one else would listen to you. But as I listened to how what you were talking about and the depth of the conversation, what I realized is that you two are the epitome of what I love about social media. You have no problem openly sharing your opinions and challenging those of others, not because you're a couple of sticks in the mud but because you truly want to stretch your own perspective in the hopes of continuing to grow in your aging years. You educate a younger generation who simply sits on the edge and eavesdrops on your converstations. You are no grumpy old men fighting over useless things. Rather, you are wise leaders who are brave enough to speak their minds about your own convictions. Our culture has a lot to learn from you.   -Dave
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Smashed Wine Glass = Privilege of Friendship

Today’s letter goes out the brilliant and creative Kate Mukasa (@dowimagery). Her and her husband Moses Waswa Mukasa (@MosesWaswa) will no doubt be friends for life.

Dear Intense "Spoons" Player, The wine glass sitting silently to your right had been cheering you on all night, keeping a close watch over the spoons in the middle of the table as the cards circulated at a furious rate. Then in the blink of an eye, without warning, she was gone; hitting the wall as she exploded into hundreds of pieces, letting her innards splash and drip down the wall. You may have felt awful but I felt privileged. Not everyone is surrounded by such brilliant friends that can play, laugh and share life together. I just happen to be so lucky. You see a smashed glass with wine dripping down the wall. I see another great evening with friends that I will never forget. I would not trade that smashed glass for anything in the world.    -Dave
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Two Hand Are Better Than One

Dear Double Clasp Handshaker, There was something overtly genuine as you firmly enclosed your friend's hand between the two of yours, all the while looking him in the eye. It was as if his departure was going to be the worst part of your day. You were engrossed in the moment, wanting to hang on to those last few moments. You weren't thinking about what you had for dinner, or wondering if you remembered to set your PVR to tape American Idol. You weren't thinking about the iPad 2 you were going to buy the next day, or the sea of 140 character updates you had just missed.  You were present. We get so lost these days in the lightning fast world we live that we often miss the things that actually make us tick; that actually encourage us and push on to being brilliant. We blow past the opportunities to spend time with great people. We don't hear the encouraging word that was muttered while our iPods are playing.  We miss the significance of a double clasped handshake.   -Dave