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Making People’s Day, One Chicken Breast at a Time

Dear Blue Haired Meat Seller,

I’m turning thirty, have a full head of gray hair and am so out of shape that I’m starting to resemble Mr. Potato Head. A simple compliment about how cool my hair looks and how the color of my shirt makes it that much better, absolutely made my day.

Everyone has to work at some point. What you reminded me is that it’s not what we’re doing but rather what we DO with what we’re doing.

We can choose to grumble through the school course we hate or shitty job we have making sure that everyone knows how terrible life is and how we are so hard done by. That’s easy. Playing the victim is easy. But instead of focusing on how crappy our situation is and putting our energy towards bringing a bit of light the gloom that may be surrounding others, our crappy situation becomes that much less crappy  because life is not always about us. And we forget that all too often.

“Everyone likes a compliment don’t they?”

That is a question that I will not forget for a very long time.

Thank you.


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The World Needs Good Fathers

Dear Spoiling Father, I'm glad I saw you buying treats for your two girls dowtown yesterday. I get encouraged when I see good fathers having fun with their kids but it also made me think of all the men that can't be with their children for whatever reason. My hope is that someone will make today special for them just as our kids are making today special for us.
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A Huge Thank You (You Made My Day)

Dear Birthday Wishers, I must be getting older because yesterday I had a change of heart. I have always seen social media birthday wishes through a cynical lens, wondering how many people actuallly give a shit that it's my birthday versus those who send wishes because Facebook tells them to. What I realized yesterday is that I don't really care. There were messages from family and friends that I haven't seen or heard from in a while. There were those from people I haven't seen since high school. There were even those from people I have yet to meet face to face. Every single message (all 66 of them) meant something to me: encouraged me. Thank you all for taking the time to drop me a quick birthday note; I appreciate it more than you will ever realize. Thank you.  -Dave
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Changing the world one reminder at a time

Today’s letter goes out to Things We Forget (@thingsvforget).
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Hiring Staff vs. Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Dear Retail Recruiter, I like how you advertise careers. It sounds more alluring than