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Dear “TheDailyLetter” Creators

I am so glad this has been created by YOU. A site filled with inspiration dripping from words and letters. Beauty told with pixels typed from fingers spanning the globe. Thank you for creating this little garden of wonder within the confines of the world-wide-web. And to the beautiful girl who shared this with me, I love you dearly.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: El Paso
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A Match Made In Twitter Heaven

Dear Twitter Love Birds, "You've Got Mail" seems like nothing more than a nursery rhyme compared to the epic tale of love that spanned many months and thousands of miles all while being told 140 characters at a time. Your story is one that is about so much more than love: it is story about human connection and how our digital cultural has made it more possible and more enriching than ever. The boundaries of connectedness have faded to nothing when they once confined us to merely our geographic region. The Cynics will say that the attention span of our digital generation is rapidly dwindling and that we're losing the ability to make real human connections. But the two of you have debunked that myth. The world is more accessible than ever. With that comes ability to find the true love that you were created for: the one that you are destined for.
Today’s letter goes out to brilliant Max Dubinsky (@MaxDubinsky) and the ever inspiring Lauren Lankford (now Dubinsky) (@LaurenDubinsky). Their’s is a story of true love that came together atop a cliff in Colorado.
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What The Hell Is That Ringing Noise?

Dear Old School Phone Caller, Not very many people pick up the phone and call to see how things are going anymore. We check our usual social streams and get 140 character updates and assume we're caught up. The notion to call people to see how they're doing or just to shoot the shit doesn't even cross our minds anymore. It's as if the human voice has deminished in weight and lost out to the characters on our screens. Thanks for engaging me in this almost archaic method of real human connection. What's next? I say we bring back the stoop.  -Dave