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The Dress Code of Spring

Dear Sunshine Stroller, There was a bold, confident air about you today as you strolled down the street in the early spring sunshine. I’m not sure if it was because something great had just happened to you and life couldn’t be better, or if it was because you were on the verge of turning your dreams into reality and had just stumbled upon the missing piece as you were inspired by the coming of spring. But maybe, just maybe, it was because you knew that you were the only person in town walking down the street with their shirt off only one day after it snowed. Your long, steady strides seemed to tell the story of a man who knew had big plans and places to go; neither of which were going to require any sort of upper body garment. There wasn’t even a t-shirt tucked into your belt. Driving passed in my car, with the windows up, wearing my thick leather jacket only one thought crossed my mind: Damn that dude looks cool. – Dave
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Fear vs. Habitual Confidence

Dear Fearless Bridge Jumpers, The drop didn't seem that far while standing on the shore. Yet as I leaned over the bridge rail and stared into the endless black hole that seemed to lurk just below the churning river waters, I knew that risk adverse status quo of our culture gripped me tight in its grasp. Entranced by the vortex of nothingness that you continually launched yourself into, I realized that I am nothing but a creation of my own habits. By cultural standards I am an out of shape, under achiever. As I watched you stare risk and fear in the face, I could see your confidence grow every time you won your inner battle. Each time your head popped up above the ice cold water you swam faster than the time before, anticipating another, more exhilarating jump. Don't ever lose your sense of fearlessness and self confidence. Stay in your 12 year old state of mind as long as you can. It's almost impossible to get it back once it's gone.  -Dave
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Do You Hide When It Rains?

Dear Storm Trooper, It happened in the blink of an eye. From my perch in the 4th floor cafe of my office building I could see you coming from a mile away, sauntering easily down the sidewalk in the sunshine on this coolish spring day. I placed my coffee cup under the cappuccino machine and watched it brew. When I looked up, the sky hadgreyed and the downpour had started. As you briefly stepped under the shelter of the overpass to assess the situation you realized there was only one thing to do. In one quick movement you were back on the sidewalk, head up, walking with firm deliberate steps. Not running. Not hiding. You knew that in order to complete your journey, you would simply have to weather the storm. Too often, many of us find ourselves in similar situations. Life is good, the sun is shining. Then the storm hits. Our tendency is to step under the overpass, until it passes. We hide. But not you. You stepped out, head held high and pressed on.   I will strive to do the same.  -Dave
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The Shadows Will Swallow You Whole

Dear Shadow Lurker, I can understand why you stay where you do, poking your head out just long enough for the odd passerby to recognize that there is life that dances behind your eyes. But you immediately retreat to the shadows where the countless shades of grey are indistinguishable to everyone but you. At first it didn't make sense but now it is so clear. I wondered why anyone would want to live so isolated and alone, hiding their brilliance from all but those who have looked them in the eye: Confidence, or lack thereof. As you stand with your back against the wall, the grey of the shadows swallows your confidence in the same darkness that envelops the glimmer in your eye. Supressing your confidence allows you not to challenge yourself. It allows you to remain mediocre. . . if that. Do us all a favour: step from the shadows & challenge yourself. You will be brilliant. PS - The confidence will come.  -The Mirror
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Fighting the status quo, one white haired ponytail at a time

Dear Elderly Woman,  I appreciate the fact that you have kept your hair in a ponytail instead of giving in to the status quo of the short perm. I'm encouraged by your resilience to choose every day to go against the grain.  -Dave