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Broken promises

To Whom It May Concern:

I do not think as a black man I will ever get use to racism or discrimination especially when it affects children. It is a dirty and evil thing and it needs to be eliminated from society, but until men hearts are changed and converted that will never happen.

My story begins with this lady/philanthropist offering me a grant for my non-profit mentoring program for at-risk and disadvantaged youths. She stated that my program had all of the credentials and skills needed to offer support and guidance to the youths I serve and she wanted to help. But when she discovered that I was an African-American and that my program helped a large percentage of African-American youths, she decided that my program was no longer in the running for the grant. I asked her, when did my program fall out of the running for the grant? She could not tell me but said that maybe next time.

This makes me angry that in this day and time we are still facing bigots who are still judging people by the color of their skin instead of their character. It hurt me deeply to see this type of behavior, but what hurts more and disappointing is that I will have to tell the children as we were counting on that funding to do some great things. That is the hurting part most of all….

I am proud to be who I am regardless of what others may say or think of me. I am honored to work these youths and I will continue to work them, In spite of people like her. I know that there are genuine people in the world and others like myself who care and want to help make this world of ours a better place for all. I feel sorry for people like her who have the resources to help, but chooses to remain in darkness and refuse to accept people for whom they are but instead judge them by the color of their skin. I am truly sorry but I had to rant and rave on this because this truly bothered me deeply and I had to share, please forgive me. May God have mercy upon her and others like her souls…. God bless you all…

Him who still believes in Hope

Today’s letter was written by Name: Christopher
Written From: USA/Louisiana
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Dear Sadistic Clown,

Every morning I watch you put on your big red clown nose, muti-coloured wig, and outrageously oversized shoes, hiding who you truly are before stepping out into the world. You very rarely let others see you face or touch your soul.

You dance around and play with your shadow, toying with everyone who passes by. You know just buttons to push to make people squirm and feel uncomfortable. You also know the buttons to push to make them believe whatever it is you want them to believe.

The problem is, you are a liar.

You lie to every person you meet as present whoever it is you think they would want to know. You lie to your friends because you don’t have the balls to practice what you preach.

But most of all, you lie to yourself.

You tell yourself that you’re not talented enough; that you just need a bit more time to master some craft and you don’t even know what it is yourself. You compare yourself to the best and beat yourself when you don’t measure up. You keep yourself pinned to the ground because ultimately you’re afraid of failing. In reality, you’re holding yourself back from being who you were meant to become.

You are dying a slow and painful death. For the love of god, take off your damned wig and nose. Let the world see who you really are.

I beg you.


The man behind the mask

Today’s letter was written by Name: Dave Twitter: @davesohnchen Blog: Written From: The darker side of self reflection
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Unwitting Life Changer

Dear Unwitting Life Changer, You may not know this but I’ve been watching you for years. I have watched you grow from a boy into a man. I’ve watched as you have commanded the attention of everyone near you. I’ve seen rooms brighten by your mere presence alone. I’ve seen you call people on their bullshit in a way that they can’t ignore. I’ve seen a faith in you that is rivalled by none. I’ve seen how much you love your father. I’ve seen how you hold him tight when you’re by his side. I see how you lovingly stroke his hand, totally enthralled just to be standing with him. I’ve seen how you clasp his hand in your fingers with pride, as if to ensure that everyone knows he is yours. I have seen how those same fingers interlocked with his to give him strength. You have changed his life. I know there was hurt, fear and frustration when he found out that you would be born with Down syndrome. But through the years I have seen how your strength, child-like wisdom and faith have pushed your father to be a better man. Not just for himself or your family, but for everyone that he comes in contact with. You may not know this but while I was watching, you changed my life. Thank you. – Dave
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Dear Boy With the Twinkle in His Eye

I will never forget promises we whispered to each other in the cold nights. I will never forget your strength and the heart behind all of your giving. There is so much behind your smile and your words that a girl can get lost in it and feel… everything. All true meanings of what it is truly like to be able to tell our hurts and share our scars. I felt your love as strongly as I never imagined I could, I feel it every time your eyes met mine and you matched my pain every. single. time. There were so many times that your smile was the haven to my breaking heart, reaching across the room and enveloping me with your endless love. Which I allowed myself to be pulled into again and again and again.
Today, you have gathered me in your arms again, pulling me in and offering to be my rock as you have selflessly done so in the past. But for the first time since you first allowed me to seek refuge in your arms, I had the strength to pull away and face the world alone.
So thank you. Because you are the one who taught me that.
Yours, with all my heart.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Canada
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Your day may have been shit but I bet you were wearing shoes

Today’s letter goes out to Fadra Nally (@allthingsfadra), a blogger from North Carolina who is taking the Flippin’ Good! Deeds Challenge. Let’s help her change the world and give her an opportunity to see it happen with her own eyes. See how you can help.
Dear Community Shoe Collector, "Even my bad days are good days." The truth of these words hit home as I reflect on the difficult season that I seem to be merely plodding through. There is so much to be grateful for; so much that we can still afford to give back despite the "shitty" situations that we may find ourselves in while living in North America. And you're doing it. You are exploiting the abundance (or as a cynic such as myself would say "the overindulgence") of our excessive western culture by giving back in such a tangible way. Shoes. We're obsessed with them. So much so that we have closets full of them that we've only worn a handful of times that sit waiting to be discovered in the front closet or under the bed only to be thrown in the trash; or if they're really lucky thrown into a garbage bag and hauled down to the second hand store. But not you. You're collecting them, and not because you have a shoe fetish but because you want to change the world and see it with your own eyes. There are a lot of people who don't understand the power and strength of online communities but you GET it. You have inspired me to help however I can. Even if I do live in Canada. You truly are an inspiration and a social role model.          Thank you and god speed.
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Changing the World vs Bickering Children

Dear Bickering Mob,
Do you think we can stop fighting about our differences and embrace the values we actually have in common? Instead of arguing about political or religious views and who's right or wrong can we make an effort to work together? We've bee able to accomplish a lot but thing of how much more could be done if we focused that extra energy towards doing great things together. Just a suggestion.
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Your Value is Not For Us To Determine

Dear Wide Eyed Graduate, I often wonder what's going through your head. A lot of people write you off because you're from a "spoiled" generation who doesn't know the meaning of "hard work". All you do is text and tweet and can't have real engaging conversations because your attention span is 140 characters or less. You know what I say? PROVE THEM WRONG! Don't buy into their system or their illicit view of you. Do great work and change the world.  -Dave
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Die Before Living vs. Live Before Dying

Dear Tube Dependant Driver, It bothers me that I see you through the lens of a tube. I'm not sure why. It makes no sense why something that small would scew my view of you in such a monumental way. I apologize if it seemed like I was staring while we both sat motionless at the red light. I suppose the little clear oxygen tube that trailed from your nostrils around your ear contrasted by your 20 year old face is what threw me off. By default I assume you're dying: probably in a few days.  I'm not sure why I go there, but I do. Due to my ignorant pity that was born out of illicit supposition, I found myself wondering how you're living your life. Knowing you're gonna die tomorrow (which seemed the most likely option), what are your priorities; what are you fighting to change today. I'm not dying tomorrow and will most likely live for quite some time. So why is it I'm not doing something life changing? Why is it that so many of us would change what we're doing and how we're living if we knew we were going to die tomorrow? Why not live while we still have life to live?   -Dave
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Changing the world one reminder at a time

Today’s letter goes out to Things We Forget (@thingsvforget).
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Restoring My Faith In Humanity, 15 Minutes At A Time

Dear Selfless Change Agent, The simplicity in how you choose to impact people's lives is nothing short of genius. I never would have thought that 15 minutes, a week to do good for a stranger, could change their life.  But you did. Now there are thousands of people following your lead, changing the world, 15 minutes at a time. That's why I have faith in humanity. YOU. ARE. BRILLIANT.