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So full of promise and endless possibility

Dear Baby Dancer, Tonight you made your TV debut…and you killed it. You danced as though you were by yourself in your living room with your favourite song playing on your moms iPod. But you weren’t in your living room. And it wasn’t your mom’s iPod. You were dancing on a stage with millions of people watching and were totally in your element. You are only a toddler. There will be many tough years ahead of you filled with voices that will discourage you. They will tell you to be normal. To fit in and do what everyone else does. I beg of you, don’t listen. Keep dancing your little heart out and follow it wherever it takes you. Don’t listen to the crowd that tells you to be like everyone else. Because you’re not. You probably don’t know what happened tonight, other than you were just dancing, not paying attention to who was watching. But I hope that tonight the stage captured you and won’t let go. It ultimately may not be the dance stage. But whatever stage is yours, grab it. Don’t ever let the lights go out. – Dave
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Unwitting Life Changer

Dear Unwitting Life Changer, You may not know this but I’ve been watching you for years. I have watched you grow from a boy into a man. I’ve watched as you have commanded the attention of everyone near you. I’ve seen rooms brighten by your mere presence alone. I’ve seen you call people on their bullshit in a way that they can’t ignore. I’ve seen a faith in you that is rivalled by none. I’ve seen how much you love your father. I’ve seen how you hold him tight when you’re by his side. I see how you lovingly stroke his hand, totally enthralled just to be standing with him. I’ve seen how you clasp his hand in your fingers with pride, as if to ensure that everyone knows he is yours. I have seen how those same fingers interlocked with his to give him strength. You have changed his life. I know there was hurt, fear and frustration when he found out that you would be born with Down syndrome. But through the years I have seen how your strength, child-like wisdom and faith have pushed your father to be a better man. Not just for himself or your family, but for everyone that he comes in contact with. You may not know this but while I was watching, you changed my life. Thank you. – Dave
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Your Time To Be A Crazy Misfit Has Come (Will You Answer The Call?)

Dear Visionary in the Wings, The other day was a tragic day as the world lost a man who not only changed technology and the way we interact with each other, but he forever changed the way we think. He forever changed "possibility"; for that I will be forever grateful and consider myself so fortunate to have lived in this lifetime of brilliant, impossible change. But he is just one man who dared to be different; who dared to go against the grain and not buy into the status quo. Some will say that he left an unfillable void to which I say "Good". To try and fill the shoes of such a world changing thinker would be childish and foolish. Rather, his passing is a call to the rest of us to lace up our own shoes and change the world in ways the he himself would never have thought possible. That's what he would want. That's what he would expect.  It is time to come out of the shadows. Time to shrug off our insecurities and the illicit cultural expectations that we have lived under for far too long and reimagine what is possible. I know you have what it takes.             Will you change the world?                              I sure as hell hope so.
Through all of the great words spoken of the late world changer, Steve Jobs, these words of Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid) are ones that inspire and challenge:
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A world without #MCV is incomprehensible

Word on the street is that today is Dustin Senos’ birthday. I’ve been following him for a while and he has inspired me to no end…although he doesn’t know it. Drop him a line and wish him a happy birthday.
Dear Genius Code Writer, Guys like you inspire me. Hell, you inspire me. Part of it is probably just the man crush that I've developed over the last couple of years that I've following the work that you do. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't part of me that wanted to be you. But the thing that I'm impressed with the most; the thing that keeps pushing me to better is the passion you for WHY you do what you do. It's not to churn out code for the sake of churning out code. It's not to design or redesign something to simply make it more aesthetically pleasing. By creating, coding and designing ways that enable us to interact with each other in new and rewarding ways, you are helping bring a level of humanity to technology that may not otherwise exist. You see the world for what it is: a big, open, limitless playground that is begging to be explored in ways that it never has been before.  Keep playing. Who knows, maybe one day I'll grow a pair big enough to join you.                                       Happy Birthday,
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A Brilliant Life That Deserves Celebrating

Today’s letter goes out to Kim A. Thomas (@kimathomas) ’cause it’s her birthday! If you haven’t yet, check out her project that celebrates the diverse daily street styles of Kelowna. Oh, and be sure to wish her a happy birthday. Dear Brilliant Birthday Girl, It was about a year ago that stumbled upon your brilliant work and huge heart for people. I remember reading your letter to Hanna and being gripped by your grasp of the human soul. As I continued to admire your work from afar, I was inspired to no end as you truly have a gift for capturing on film what it means to be human. In everything you do, your celebration of diversity and love for others shines like a beacon in an often cynical culture that preaches tolerance yet tolerates only themselves. Don't ever stop capturing the beauty of our humanity with the lens of your camera. Today you and your work deserve to be celebrated.  Happy Birthday. A Letter [to Hanna on death] by Kim A. Thomas
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The Beauty of a Nation Never Seen

Dear Country Traveller, I was a little more than suprised to see the foreign license plate hanging from your bumper indicating that you live on the other side of the country from me. Yet at the same time I was quite encouraged/inspired at the thought that you drove more than 4500 miles sit beside me at a stop light. I can only imagine the beauty of what you've seen in your travels. I hope that one day I will be able to see what you have seen and admire the country in which I am so priviliged to live in the same way you have (even the boring ass prairies).  -Dave
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The Shadows Will Swallow You Whole

Dear Shadow Lurker, I can understand why you stay where you do, poking your head out just long enough for the odd passerby to recognize that there is life that dances behind your eyes. But you immediately retreat to the shadows where the countless shades of grey are indistinguishable to everyone but you. At first it didn't make sense but now it is so clear. I wondered why anyone would want to live so isolated and alone, hiding their brilliance from all but those who have looked them in the eye: Confidence, or lack thereof. As you stand with your back against the wall, the grey of the shadows swallows your confidence in the same darkness that envelops the glimmer in your eye. Supressing your confidence allows you not to challenge yourself. It allows you to remain mediocre. . . if that. Do us all a favour: step from the shadows & challenge yourself. You will be brilliant. PS - The confidence will come.  -The Mirror
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The Enveloping Power of Imagination (and a good book)

Dear Engrossed Pedestrian, I felt bad that you missed the entire pedestrian walk light after waiting to cross the street. I'm glad to know your book was really, really good though. I wonder what kind of brilliance would surface if our culture allowed us to get enveloped by our imaginations to the point where we miss crossing the street. Dream on my friend. I think you're on to something.