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A world without #MCV is incomprehensible

Word on the street is that today is Dustin Senos’ birthday. I’ve been following him for a while and he has inspired me to no end…although he doesn’t know it. Drop him a line and wish him a happy birthday.
Dear Genius Code Writer, Guys like you inspire me. Hell, you inspire me. Part of it is probably just the man crush that I've developed over the last couple of years that I've following the work that you do. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't part of me that wanted to be you. But the thing that I'm impressed with the most; the thing that keeps pushing me to better is the passion you for WHY you do what you do. It's not to churn out code for the sake of churning out code. It's not to design or redesign something to simply make it more aesthetically pleasing. By creating, coding and designing ways that enable us to interact with each other in new and rewarding ways, you are helping bring a level of humanity to technology that may not otherwise exist. You see the world for what it is: a big, open, limitless playground that is begging to be explored in ways that it never has been before.  Keep playing. Who knows, maybe one day I'll grow a pair big enough to join you.                                       Happy Birthday,
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A Brilliant Life That Deserves Celebrating

Today’s letter goes out to Kim A. Thomas (@kimathomas) ’cause it’s her birthday! If you haven’t yet, check out her project that celebrates the diverse daily street styles of Kelowna. Oh, and be sure to wish her a happy birthday. Dear Brilliant Birthday Girl, It was about a year ago that stumbled upon your brilliant work and huge heart for people. I remember reading your letter to Hanna and being gripped by your grasp of the human soul. As I continued to admire your work from afar, I was inspired to no end as you truly have a gift for capturing on film what it means to be human. In everything you do, your celebration of diversity and love for others shines like a beacon in an often cynical culture that preaches tolerance yet tolerates only themselves. Don't ever stop capturing the beauty of our humanity with the lens of your camera. Today you and your work deserve to be celebrated.  Happy Birthday. A Letter [to Hanna on death] by Kim A. Thomas
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Happy Birthday Jamie

Today’s letter goes out to Jamie (@InspiredMess) as it was her birthday on Wednesday. I did actually send this to her on time but I’m finally posting it now that everything is back up and running. If you haven’t yet, wish her a happy belated birthday.

Dear Birthday Girl, Today marks the day that the world changed forever. It marks the start of an era when an inspired mess reaches out and leaves a lasting imprint on ever life that she touches. I'm not sure if growing up you dreamt of encouraging and inspiring a kid from Canada, but that's exactly what you've done. Your warmth and openness shine through every activity you plan for your family and every blog post you share. Today is your birthday and we are all so lucky to be within your reach.