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Ring the Bell for Nostalgia

Yes, I was born a Leo, but others call me brash! One day following a third call within an hour to a friend, I announced myself as, “this is Annoying Dan!” He promptly retorted, “You said it, what else is new?”
At the time, having my residence in Mississippi for 25 years, the first part of which as a week-ender. The next decade found me permanently ensconced in my home fronting the 10th-hole and a bayou behind. However, I neither fished nor putted. Instead, I locked myself in any room that had any of the three computers I used – and began to write.
Upon fleeing New Orleans, I didn’t want to pursue teaching (after 10-years in Public and 20-years as a school Proprietor), nor did I wish to pursue a Computerist’s course (as I had for the previous 30 years). Having been an entrepreneur and well manifested in my independent ways, I found that writing is most satisfying (even if I am the only one to read what I write).
Following Hurricane Katrina, I moved to a new haven where I have only one computer, and yes, I write, and write, and write. And I am happy with my companions and my family who are with me – all meshed compartmentally in my Nostalgia.

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