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To the parents out there

Dear Parents,

Take a good look at your child. Not the kind where you only look at the surface, but the kind where you know what’s bubbling underneath the exterior. What do you see?

There is a reason why we fight so hard about what we want. We won’t pester you much about superficial things but you’ll know when something is important to us. Trust me, you’ll see right away.

DON’T ignore what we have to say. TAKE into consideration our wishes. PLEASE don’t crush our dreams but not supporting us. Truth is, we’ll do it without your blessing and there will be this great barrier between us. We love you and we know that what you want for us will never be wrong. But there are some things that we are passionate about and they define us as a person. Don’t kill our person.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: 3rd World Country
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Dear Graying College Student Wearing (Inappropriate) Shorts:

Sometimes I feel silly dragging my old body across a University campus, but today you let me fade into the university wall paper. No one looked at me; I credit you for this, sir. You were unaware of the many stares directed at you. I know this because you stood at a stop light and yelled at someone you knew in the parallel crosswalk. The young man was wearing ear buds, so you yelled louder and began to flail wildly on the street corner. It was an odd scene, accentuated by the way the young man waved back at you sheepishly, but this was not the odd part.

From somewhere, a time-warp maybe, you discovered a pair of spandex shorts. I know you did not find these in your underwear drawer. If you had, you may have worn a pair of the nearby underwear, but you very clearly chose to NOT wear underwear. I do not claim to know whether your decision was based on a sense of pride, or whether this was an oversight, a faux-pas in your daily sequence, or if you thought, “No one can tell.” Allow me to address these possibilities in the order in which I have presented them: congratulations, everyone forgets things, and yes, everyone can tell. Whatever the case, you’ve got a lot of balls, man. I know.

The only other possibility is that you just don’t care, a kind of jambalaya of the other presented renderings. In my mind I credited you with this option. Your carefree willingness to blithely share yourself with others put me at ease. I walked to my classes with unequaled confidence for the rest of the day. So, thanks.


Ryan (AKA: dark khakis and, if you must know, boxer-briefs)

Today’s letter was written by Name: Ryan
Twitter: reamofpaper
Written From: Ohio USA
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Dear Sir

I see your life in old yellowed photographs, faded with suffering and tinged with adventure. Still-shots pieced together to tell a story of brokenness and fear, beauty and life. Frames of distant places and unfolding dreams. Images of a life truly lived, and a life filled with regret.

You hold tightly to a very old picture of yourself, believing that you are young again with your whole life ahead of you. You are in love, you are happy, you are safe. You live here, cling to this one image, because it is here that sorrow has no place. I watch the lights in your eyes fade as I ask you questions that force you to move forward. You show me pictures of war and terror; responsibility and family; pain and loss. I understand why you can’t let go, and I think, perhaps, you are the most amazing man I have ever met.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: Here
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Dear Motorized Petal Bike Driver

The irony of your chosen mode of transportation was not lost on me. I hope that was intentional.

Ride safe my friend.

Today’s letter was written by Name: Dave
Twitter: davesohnchen
Written From: Outside The Bean Scene
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Dear Bragging Moms,

It was nice to hear you talking about the small things that your new born babies are doing. A giggle here, a little smile there or even a small step before collapsing on the floor. These seemingly small things are big events right now but they will soon fade to the background as small, every day occurrences.

But, we often forget that the beauty of life happens in the small things. Don’t let these moments fade and keep celebrating them even as your children grow up.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Canada
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Summer in May

Dear Paddle Boarders,

I’ll admit, today was gorgeous. There were tons of people down by the water which was so nice to see after a long winter; one that finally snapped only a few weeks ago.

But today, seeing the two of you gliding effortlessly across the top of the glasslike water gave me hope that summer is just around the corner. You reminded me how great it is to be alive and living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. A place where life can afford to take a holiday, friends are plenty and the sun never seems to sleep.

I know that this summer will be filled with memories that will not fade and friends that will always be by our sides.

You may have just been out for a joyride, but you gave me hope for the days to come.


– Dave

Today’s letter was written by Name: Dave Twitter: @thedailyletter Blog: http://thedailyletter.com Written From: Kelowna, BC (Canada)
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Screw You and Your Laughter, I’m Miserable

Dear Loud Obnoxious Pub Patrons, It’s been a hell of day. I awoke to the remnants of what looked like toddler fight club as a blood soaked pajama shirt was strewn on the floor in front of a blood spattered sink and mirror; the casualties of last night’s 4 year old midnight nosebleed. I feel as though I just suckered into another 2 months of free work on a pro-bono project that should’ve ended months ago. Now, I’m sitting in a pub eating supper by myself after leaving home more than 12 hours earlier, waiting to meet a friend. And you’re over there full of shits and giggles, pounding fists on the shuffle board table, downing jager bombs, not giving a damn about those around you. How dare you have a great time while I’m miserable. But why is it that my misery needs to bring you down? Why is that my needs are the center of the universe? Can…rather shouldn’t your laughter and boisterous antics lift me out of the shit instead of my whining and complaining drag you down? Why do I insist on remaining in this dark and defeated place instead of allowing your joy to soothe my soul? Carry on. I am probably not the only who needs what you are prescribing. – Dave
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Dear ex,

Hi. I know we were not together for a long time. And I know you feel as though you have hurt me. And you did. But what I want you to know now is that I have forgiven you and I want to make things right.

I just want to thank you.

Thank you for ending it when I could not. Thank you for being there for me and listening, even when you probably just wanted to run away. You saw that we weren’t right for each other, and took charge of the situation, even though you knew it would result in someone getting hurt.

Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for not just being with me because all of our friends are paired off together, and it would have been easy for us to fall together. Thank you for not settling for “good enough,” and not letting me settle either.

I hope one day we can go back to being friends. Not like the way we were before. I don’t think we could ever go back. But I hope we can be friends again. I miss my fellow fifth wheel.


A person who doesn’t want to just be somebody that you used to know.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Kansas
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The Dress Code of Spring

Dear Sunshine Stroller, There was a bold, confident air about you today as you strolled down the street in the early spring sunshine. I’m not sure if it was because something great had just happened to you and life couldn’t be better, or if it was because you were on the verge of turning your dreams into reality and had just stumbled upon the missing piece as you were inspired by the coming of spring. But maybe, just maybe, it was because you knew that you were the only person in town walking down the street with their shirt off only one day after it snowed. Your long, steady strides seemed to tell the story of a man who knew had big plans and places to go; neither of which were going to require any sort of upper body garment. There wasn’t even a t-shirt tucked into your belt. Driving passed in my car, with the windows up, wearing my thick leather jacket only one thought crossed my mind: Damn that dude looks cool. – Dave
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“Hey Baby, Nice Wheels”

Dear Motorcycle Pick-Up Artist, I've gotta say: I admire your moxie. It's rare (or maybe not as rare as I think) to see a guy on a crotch rocket picking up girls at stop lights. I suppose it makes a lot of sense considering you can drive right up to their window and use some whitty pick-up line like "Hey, nice wheels." But as I saw you chatting up the brunnette who had her head hanging out the window of her red, topless jeep, I saw that you were a man of opportunity. Taking advantage of time that would have otherwise been wasted sitting still in the hot summer heat, you had the opportunity to fill up your weekend schedule. I wonder how many opportunities I've missed because I've been just too oblivious or self focused to recognize. How many times have I blown off the chance to jump head first into a truly great adventure because I was busy concentrating on the red light turning green as opposed to looking out my window and taking in the scene around me. Picking up girls at red lights isn't my thing. But who knows, maybe my next adventure will be right in front of me tomorrow.  (I just have to keep my eyes open).