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Dear “TheDailyLetter” Creators

I am so glad this has been created by YOU. A site filled with inspiration dripping from words and letters. Beauty told with pixels typed from fingers spanning the globe. Thank you for creating this little garden of wonder within the confines of the world-wide-web. And to the beautiful girl who shared this with me, I love you dearly.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: El Paso
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Dear my upsetting, configurated body.

The stress got to me.

The words got to me.

The stretch marks got to me.

And I wish I didn’t. I am extremely insecure about my body. I have been for the past 3 years, and that is very wrong since I’m only fifteen. I’m 125 lbs, which by all means is not fat at all, but my friends are basically sticks; sometimes I wonder if they starve themselves better than I do.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: @ Blog: Written From: My happy place.
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The Beauty of a Nation Never Seen

Dear Country Traveller, I was a little more than suprised to see the foreign license plate hanging from your bumper indicating that you live on the other side of the country from me. Yet at the same time I was quite encouraged/inspired at the thought that you drove more than 4500 miles sit beside me at a stop light. I can only imagine the beauty of what you've seen in your travels. I hope that one day I will be able to see what you have seen and admire the country in which I am so priviliged to live in the same way you have (even the boring ass prairies).  -Dave
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The Beauty of Innocence

Dear Young Spaghetti Eater,
I loved the way that you wiped spaghetti sauce off your vace with the sleeve of your shirt as if that's excatly what sleeves were designed for. I wish I still had your pragmatic innocence where the only thing that mattered to you in that moment was getting spaghetti sauce off your face; not the stain that will be left there tomorrow.
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Blind Beauty

Dear Sightless Stroller, Time seemed to stand still as watched you swiftly make your way down the sidewalk, feeling every bump, crack and obstacle with your white and red "eyes" that swung back and forth from side to side. I imagined what you the world must be saying to you as the breeze dances across you skin and the rustling leaves whisper in your ears. Just seeing you, unable to see, made me acutely aware of the beauty that surrounded me: the leaves are turning green, flowers are starting to bloom, the spring breeze that seems to be welcoming in the new season.   Then gone.  The world snapped back to the blur in which I am accustomed; the life of blissful ignorance as I take for granted the beauty that I can only imagine you long to see, if just for a moment. I'd say it's fair to say that your ability to see, I mean 'really' see, is far better than mine.  -Dave
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The Beauty in Diversity

Dear Busy Wanderer, Your love of collectiveness and unity resonates with me. I often wonder how the world would look if more of us took this approach towards each other? Towards humanity? Reality is, collectiveness has lost out to selfishness and narcissism. Yet the fact that you recognize such beauty in diverse things, that seemimgly clash, gives me hope that we can redefine what was once lost.
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“Don’t Look So Serious!”

Dear Random Heckler,
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True Beauty And The Illicit Views That Destroy It

Today’s letter was inspired by a girl named Quinn. She is anorexic. She is broken. No, her view of beauty is broken. It hurts to know that the culture I’ve helped create betrayed her. Dear Frail Beauty, It pains me t o know that you don't see your beauty inside. It pains me to know that I've contributed to the cutlure that's blinded you from it. Your honesty and heart remind me of what TRUE BEAUTY is and although you may not see it, so many others do. Because of your story and honesty, I will do my damndest to protect my girls from what our culture imposed on you. . . .I'm so sorry.
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Your Lens Captures My Ungratefulness

Dear Asian Tourist,  I'm always fascinated to watch you walk around downtown taking pictures. you always look so excited to be here that it reminds me I'm in a pretty great place. I wish I could see my city through your eyes just for a day so I can fully realize how much I take for granted.  -Dave