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you rock!

Dear friend,
Today you texted me with this: “Have I ever told you that you ROCK?” This comment came simply because I was going to drop something off at your house. I wasn’t feeling too much like I ‘rocked’ right then when I got the text message.
I had locked my keys in the car and didn’t know the address of where I was to tell the tow truck driver…we live in a small community so I started with “you know where so and so lives?”
The reply, “no”.
“well, you know the road that goes to the ball park?”
“It’s not that road, it’s the other one”
Ok, so I knew not the address nor even the street name of where I was.
I told her this and she replied with “I think you can still rock and not be that swift”
Ok, how cool is that?
She still thinks I can rock even when I’m feeling (and being) quite stupid.!
So…I’m feeling like a better person, like maybe life is going to be ok today.
Thanx friend.
Thanx for making me feel better about my day.
You rock!

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: a chair, hidden in a corner