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Dear Sadistic Clown,

Every morning I watch you put on your big red clown nose, muti-coloured wig, and outrageously oversized shoes, hiding who you truly are before stepping out into the world. You very rarely let others see you face or touch your soul.

You dance around and play with your shadow, toying with everyone who passes by. You know just buttons to push to make people squirm and feel uncomfortable. You also know the buttons to push to make them believe whatever it is you want them to believe.

The problem is, you are a liar.

You lie to every person you meet as present whoever it is you think they would want to know. You lie to your friends because you don’t have the balls to practice what you preach.

But most of all, you lie to yourself.

You tell yourself that you’re not talented enough; that you just need a bit more time to master some craft and you don’t even know what it is yourself. You compare yourself to the best and beat yourself when you don’t measure up. You keep yourself pinned to the ground because ultimately you’re afraid of failing. In reality, you’re holding yourself back from being who you were meant to become.

You are dying a slow and painful death. For the love of god, take off your damned wig and nose. Let the world see who you really are.

I beg you.


The man behind the mask

Today’s letter was written by Name: Dave Twitter: @davesohnchen Blog: Written From: The darker side of self reflection
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Dear Dreamers

Don’t give up hope. Don’t let anyone steal from you what has been breathed into your DNA. The things you dream about might change the world, might change a community, or might change one life . . . and even just one life would be worth you pursuing the heck out of that dream. So do it. Do what it takes. Put yourself out there, ask for help. Give people the opportunity to show you how much they believe in your dream — you’ll be surprised, I promise. There is no reason for you to sit back and say, “It’ll never happen.” Believe in yourself. I believe in you.

Today’s letter was written by Name: Julie Presley Twitter: jpresley48 Blog: http://www.juliepresley.com Written From: the place where I write