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Dear Crazy Ass Lady

Dear Crazy Ass Lady, You frustrate me beyond belief. I can’t even believe that I wasted an hour of my day talking in circles while you rambled on about moot points and useless details about your temporary bank card, only to end up saying the exact same thing I told you 30 times in the previous 45 minutes. What makes it worse is that you ruined my day. You put me on edge and I allowed you to dictate how I reacted to every other circumstance that came along today. I hate you for that. There are only two possible explanations for what happened today: 1. You are bat-shit crazy 2. I’m the shit crazy one, assuming that everything about our conversation was revolving around me and how “not crazy” I am. For all I know, you have a ton of stuff going on in your life that is so much bigger than your debit card, you just needed an outlet. I’m pretty sure it was the first reason ’cause I know I’m not crazy. (Durp) – Dave PS – I’m sorry.