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Dear Possible Prince Charmings

Much like myself you probably also grew up watching Disney movies, getting sucked into the impossible stories of fairy tales, adventure and intrigue. No? Well, girls sure did and unfortunately there has been a huge misunderstanding regarding girls perceptions of what a “Prince Charming” is. I’m here to set the record straight.

Girls aren’t actually looking for a Prince Charming. Shocked? You should be. Possible Prince Charmings, you are under the impression you have to deliver a royalty of events in order to win over your princess. This is in fact not the case. You want to know what the ‘princesses’ are looking for? Well her it is. We are looking for someone who will single us out in a room full of people and treat us like we are the first and only girl you have ever met. We are looking for a man who will man up and take us on adventures we could not otherwise have taken ourselves on. We are looking for a man who will treat us with dignity and respect when we are in and out of the room. Strange though, most of these things were also done in Disney movies. Odd how we decide to have selective viewing.

Let me recap what really happened in some of those Disney movies:

Cinderella had NO idea she was dancing and falling in love with Prince Charming until he came looking for her after the ball.

Belle fell in love with a beast. Nuff said.

Jasmine picked a street rat over all the princes that came calling on her. She even preferred to be single over the princes that came calling.

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) fell in love with what she thought was a popper in the forest. When she was told she had to marry the prince over this popper boy she cried….. A lot.

Rapunzel fell in love with a thief.

Ariel fell for a sailor.

None of these men became the Prince Charming in any of these girls lives until after they had fallen in love with them. This is how it works you know. You find that girl, single her out and love her, treat her right and respect her, show her adventures and laugh together and you might even get to rescue her from a few dragons.

Only after all this do you become her Prince Charming.


Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Disneyland