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Dear Silent Punching Bag

Dear Silent Punching Bag, The uncontrollable shrieking tearing through the building as dozens of on-lookers watched the unfolding scene was a far cry from the timid boy I watched you graciously escort to the washroom only minutes earlier. The two of you were out of my sight but I was less interested in what had disrupted your autistic student and more interested in how those around me would react. Children were pulled closer, some ran to see, and every head was turned in your direction. As I watched you emerge from around the corner, shirt torn at the collar and sleeves hanging on by a thread, I could only imagine what was going through the gawkers' heads. But what I noticed as you escorted the still screaming teen out of the building in a style not unlike that of a police officer detaining a dangerous suspect was the calm on your face and compassion in your eye.  Although barely beyond teenage years yourself you remained poised and new exactly what was needed. Seeing you re-enter the building with your shredded shirt hanging off your shoulders, accompanied by a now calm and silent young man and deflecting judgmental stares from every direction, I wanted nothing more than to run up and say "Thank you." You didn't give up. The day at the indoor playground was not about you but rather a special outing for your friend. Your courage and poise are something that I admire and hope to have one day. That young man is lucky to have you by his side.