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Even Words Need the Right Accompaniment

Dear Hand Talker, I tried to imagine what it would be like if you talked with hands sitting stationary at your sides. No movement. Nothing. What I found odd was that as I imagined you standing at attention uttering the exact same words that you did only moments ago, your voice automatically became nothing more than a monotone drone in my head. I find it amazing that although your hand gestures and movements mean nothing, they amplify and give heart and soul to your words. Watching your forearms circle around each and your hands swoop from left to right and back again as your fingers bounce through the air like actors on a stage, I'm rivited by your words that are orchestrated in the perfect soundtrack to the dance before me. On their own your hand gestures are erratic and out of sync. But combine them with the words from your heart and they betray your passion and excitement. Don't ever stop the dance.
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A Tragic Picture of Community (When Community is Needed the Most)

Dear Persecuted, Lonely, Would-be Mother, I'm not sure if I've ever met you. If I did, I'll be honest, I'm not sure how I would react. I would hope that my reaction would be far more welcoming than a mob of protesters waving their signs in your face and screaming murderous  accusations at you as the devil himself occupies the spittle flying from their mouths. It took you weeks to muster the courage to take that long aduous walk up to the doors of the clinic. This is the hardest decision you've ever had to make in your young life; and we have made it that much more difficult, painful and shameful.  As I reflect on maybe one day having the chance to meet you, I can't help but feel a deep shame and sense of failure. I'm ashamed because of the way our society treated you. I'm ashamed because I've contributed to a selfish culture that places a higher priority on possessions and being right than it does on helping others and building community. I may not agree with your decision but I can't blame you for it. You were left with little option. You had no one to turn to for help and were faced with a society who is more content to make you feel like shit than to lift a finger and offer to help. No one should endure the immense pain and loneliness that you had to; especially when making the decision to have an abortion.                   I am so sorry
Today’s letter was inspired by the discussion following a recent post on the Freakonomics blog (@freakonomics). It was a poll about whether or not there should be a “parent licensing” process to better ensure that children are “loved” growing up. While the discussion was interesting, I couldn’t help but think of the women, more often young girls, who are faced with the decision of abortion. Today’s letter goes out to them.
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Uncertain roads are less uncertain than we think

Dear Uncertain Migrant, Change is inevitable. We plan and prepare for it to eliminate the uncertainty and minimize risk. There are also times when change is out of our control; times when change is decided for us. Uncertainty and risk fill our view and can often derail our sense of direction, worth and even value. As you begin to walk through these seemingly uncertain times there is one thing that my removed perspective has allowed me to recognize: Although change can be unexpected and unplanned, we are often more prepared for it than we realize. Everything that is put in front of us and everything that we walk through prepares us for the unexpected curves that life throws our way. It's how we choose to handle these situations that define we are. You are ready for the new challenge and will no doubt emerge stronger and with a clearer sense of purpose and direction.