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A Universal Courtesy That Gives Me Hope (or “No Seriously, Where’s Waldo?”)

Dear Side Stepping Pedestrians, I realized today, as my family overtook the boardwalk with our photo shoot, that there is a universal consideration when it comes to people taking pictures. Whether it be a professional shoot or Uncle Bob taking pictures on his iPhone, everyone either stops to wait until the picture is captured or the step around, ensuring that the picture being snapped doesn't turn into a 'Where's Waldo' shot. To me this simple act gives me hope that we are not merely selfish beings that only ever care about ourselves, as some may suggest. We are in fact beings that, even on a subconscious level, don't want to interfere with those capturing a special moment in time. Just think what could happen if we applied this type of selfless universal courtesy  to areas of life other than picture taking.