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Do You Hide When It Rains?

Dear Storm Trooper, It happened in the blink of an eye. From my perch in the 4th floor cafe of my office building I could see you coming from a mile away, sauntering easily down the sidewalk in the sunshine on this coolish spring day. I placed my coffee cup under the cappuccino machine and watched it brew. When I looked up, the sky hadgreyed and the downpour had started. As you briefly stepped under the shelter of the overpass to assess the situation you realized there was only one thing to do. In one quick movement you were back on the sidewalk, head up, walking with firm deliberate steps. Not running. Not hiding. You knew that in order to complete your journey, you would simply have to weather the storm. Too often, many of us find ourselves in similar situations. Life is good, the sun is shining. Then the storm hits. Our tendency is to step under the overpass, until it passes. We hide. But not you. You stepped out, head held high and pressed on.   I will strive to do the same.  -Dave