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Words of Encouragement or Fleeting Clichés

Dear Hurting Soul, I hate it that I can't fix things. I wish I could but I simply can't. The simple words of encouragement seem to belittle your situation and what you're feeling yet all that comes to mind are fleeting cliches. I aspire to the rock solid resilience, faith and poise which you demonstrate every time I see you, regardless of the immense pain you're feeling. Life may be a bitch, but know you don't walk alone.
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The Beauty in Diversity

Dear Busy Wanderer, Your love of collectiveness and unity resonates with me. I often wonder how the world would look if more of us took this approach towards each other? Towards humanity? Reality is, collectiveness has lost out to selfishness and narcissism. Yet the fact that you recognize such beauty in diverse things, that seemimgly clash, gives me hope that we can redefine what was once lost.
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Truth Speaking Artist

Dear Truth Speaking Artist, Thanks for saying what most religious fundamentalists are actually thinking. It's a reality check that is much needed yet rarely received. The truth of your simple words, although they hit me like a slap in the face hits a jackass, are a reminder to
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The Boys Are Back In Town

Dear Shirtless Corvette Driver, If I were in charge of marketing summer time in Kelowna, you'd be on every poster. Top down, hat backwards, D&G shades and Ed Hardy tee on the dash with your buddy just as shirtless as you sitting in the passenger seat. God, I love this place! Seriously, I'd do the same thing if I were in your position. Do you know what having 2 kids will do your figure though? I'll keep my shirt on thanks.
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Obsessive Creator

Today’s letter goes out to Lauren Dubinsky (@laurendubinsky). She is talented, creative, and has huge heart for humanity. She’s downright brilliant! Dear Obsessive Creator, I'm not going to lie, yesterday was a pretty cynical day. I have those. Probably too often. On days like them I need people like you. People to help me see again that there are good things out there. That the world isn't just full of self indulgent idiots trying to get you to drink their brand of Kool-Aid. Your simple love for all things good and human is something I aspire to, and I hope other do too.  -Dave
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The Skilled Precision of a Great Leader

Dear Model Leader, You have a gift. The way in which you addressed my life with clarity and authority is unmatched by anyone I know. You cut to the core with such gentle yet steady precision it was nearly painless. If only a few more leaders in this world would function with the caring humility in which you do, we'd all be in better hands. The mirror and I thank you.
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Gray Hair vs. No Hair (I’ll take my gray hair)

Dear Balding Conversationalist, Thanks for reminding me of how distinguished I look by pointing out the rather large collection of gray hair on my head. I've actually been growing it since I was 18 and seeing as the silvery strands tend to signify wisdom, I consider myself ahead of the game. I'm glad it work as such a good conversation piece for you.
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The Simple Things In Life…

Dear Lemonade Man, They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beauty seen through your eyes is so quiet and simple and magnificent. There are a lot of people who forget that it's the simple things that matter most. This is the camp where I often reside. Thanks for such an open view into the beauty you see and reminding me that if I just hold on to the simple things, life will be okay.
Keep making lemonade.
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A Dream’s Worst Nightmare

Dear Passive Aggressive Dreamer, I think we both know you have to choose. You either slip into a permanent pattern of illegitimate self loathing or you imagine and you create. You can't do both. Only one option allows you to surpass mediocrity and do something great. That's the one you choose. The world depends on you to make that choice. I depend on you to make that choice. Dream and be great.
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Gnoming Changed My Life (or tales of a not so grown up teen)

Dear Late Night Hooligan, The nostalgia I experienced on my drive home is directly attributed to you. You reminded me of summer nights stealing garden gnomes, ceramic deer and wooden cut-outs of boys peeing on flowers. Life seemed so simple. It's nice to reminisce but I wouldn't trade my current responsibilities for anything. Besides, now I can teach my girls the fine art of gnoming.