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My Assumptions Will Destroy You

Dear French Traveller, I wonder how many times you've been treated poorly simply because of your appearance. I humbly admit that I was somewhat cautious when I saw you for the first time. I'm sorry for my immediate distrust. I promise it will be different next time.  -Dave
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Love Is In The Air

Dear Elderly Couple, Seeign you walk hand in hand today gives me hope that love is not dead. It gives me hope for my future and the future of my family. It gives me hope that, in a world and culture with so much devastation and relational fallout, love can endure. Thank you for reminding me.  -Dave
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Changing The World On Public Transit

Dear Bus Passenger, I noticed you staring into oblivion as I drove past today. I'm curious to know what you were thinking. Were you coming up with the next ground breat idea? Another Club Penguin or TOMS Shoes maybe? I wonder how many world changing ideas have come to those on public transit? Maybe I should give it a try.
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Your Lens Captures My Ungratefulness

Dear Asian Tourist,  I'm always fascinated to watch you walk around downtown taking pictures. you always look so excited to be here that it reminds me I'm in a pretty great place. I wish I could see my city through your eyes just for a day so I can fully realize how much I take for granted.  -Dave
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Fighting the status quo, one white haired ponytail at a time

Dear Elderly Woman,  I appreciate the fact that you have kept your hair in a ponytail instead of giving in to the status quo of the short perm. I'm encouraged by your resilience to choose every day to go against the grain.  -Dave