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Dear Possible Prince Charmings

Much like myself you probably also grew up watching Disney movies, getting sucked into the impossible stories of fairy tales, adventure and intrigue. No? Well, girls sure did and unfortunately there has been a huge misunderstanding regarding girls perceptions of what a “Prince Charming” is. I’m here to set the record straight.

Girls aren’t actually looking for a Prince Charming. Shocked? You should be. Possible Prince Charmings, you are under the impression you have to deliver a royalty of events in order to win over your princess. This is in fact not the case. You want to know what the ‘princesses’ are looking for? Well her it is. We are looking for someone who will single us out in a room full of people and treat us like we are the first and only girl you have ever met. We are looking for a man who will man up and take us on adventures we could not otherwise have taken ourselves on. We are looking for a man who will treat us with dignity and respect when we are in and out of the room. Strange though, most of these things were also done in Disney movies. Odd how we decide to have selective viewing.

Let me recap what really happened in some of those Disney movies:

Cinderella had NO idea she was dancing and falling in love with Prince Charming until he came looking for her after the ball.

Belle fell in love with a beast. Nuff said.

Jasmine picked a street rat over all the princes that came calling on her. She even preferred to be single over the princes that came calling.

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) fell in love with what she thought was a popper in the forest. When she was told she had to marry the prince over this popper boy she cried….. A lot.

Rapunzel fell in love with a thief.

Ariel fell for a sailor.

None of these men became the Prince Charming in any of these girls lives until after they had fallen in love with them. This is how it works you know. You find that girl, single her out and love her, treat her right and respect her, show her adventures and laugh together and you might even get to rescue her from a few dragons.

Only after all this do you become her Prince Charming.


Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Disneyland
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To all the lost ones…

Dear Lost One, It’s hard to imagine the pain, the incredible suffering, that you must have gone through: physically, emotionally, psychologically. It tears my heart out knowing that a life which was meant to be lived in such fullness has been taken. People may say that you took your own life. But I know better. I know better because I took it. Me and every other person who has picked on someone because they’re different: because they don’t look the same way, talk the same way, or believe in the same things that we do. Because they weren’t cool enough. I will never know what it feels like to see things as black and white as you do. I will never know what it’s like to see the world through eyes of someone who as Aspergers. But what your story has encouraged me to do is try. I don’t understand our obsession with grey, as if by being able to blur the middle line enough you can never see when good ends and evil begins we will benefit somehow. The reality is, one may benefit but a whole lot of people lose. For you it was the blatant disregard of what was being done to you on a daily basis: being bullied. We turned our eyes. We said things were okay. We blurred the line. Grey. Our inaction, our selfishness, cost you your life and the many lives of those before you. I am truly sorry. And although I can never tell you this face to face, you are not worthless. Your voice is not silent. Your sacrifice will be remembered forever. – Dave Today’s letter goes out to all those who kids who have lost their life because they were being bullied, and especially to those who are being bullied today. There is no grey: Love One Another. And please go see Bully. It’s in theaters today.
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Dear Kid I Used to Know,

I know things are weird now since you and her broke up (her being my best friend) but remember when we all used to like each other? I hadn’t seen you in months until I saw you tonight with your new girlfriend. You ignored me. I thought we were beyond that. Just because you and her aren’t together doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge me in public anymore. I’m sorry you’re so confused and I hope that you’ll be able to come back to the God that you know loves you. This isn’t the real you and this isn’t the life that you want. I know you, or I really thought I did.
Love, Caroline

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: FL
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Dear Christian-College Misfit

Dear Christian-College Misfit.
Please stop worrying that you’re different from the other girls here. Stop loathing your liberalism, stop dragging images into “wedding” documents you hide in your computer…stop fooling yourself. Just because you have 34 of these documents doesn’t change the fact that, deep down, you don’t want to get married. No matter how many of your peers get engaged, no matter how many bridesmaid dresses in jewel tones you find: their dream is not your dream. Be more than okay with this. God made you for a special purpose. He set you free. Before you came here, you owned your eccentricity. Where did that girl go? Wake her up…she’s being smothered. Remember what you once believed.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: A dark dorm room
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Dear 12-year-old who sat beside me at The Hunger Games

Dear 12-year-old who sat beside me at The Hunger Games.
Don’t worry. Our society will not choose you at random to engage in a battle royale to the death with other teenagers to keep our city in line and provide entertainment to the rich and famous. We will not sacrifice you for the sake of appeasement, or entertainment. At least, we will not sacrifice your actual body. But we may sacrifice your spirit, your soul, by asking you to play other games by other rules, strange rules that govern the politics of life in this culture. Games and rules that keep us in line, entertained, distracted from better things, higher goals, for the sake of keeping things in line; for keeping US in line. For that, I apologize. May the odds be ever in your favor. And if they aren’t, may you realize that it doesn’t really matter anyways.

Today’s letter was written by Name: Sam Twitter: @@vancvrsam Blog: http://thedefaultlife.com Written From: Kelowna, BC
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Dear the me nobody knows.

What is it about me that nobody really knows me? The real me. The excited by sunshine, afraid of rejection, loves Jesus, but doesn’t follow Him, hates that my spouse doesn’t really talk, and sometimes I ignore her – me. Not the me in the board meeting, the me in the dark, staring at the ceiling thinking things I shouldn’t think.

I invite people in then you shut them down.

I’m sorry and try harder… please.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: @ Blog: Written From: The Indigo Part of the Rainbow
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Dear my upsetting, configurated body.

The stress got to me.

The words got to me.

The stretch marks got to me.

And I wish I didn’t. I am extremely insecure about my body. I have been for the past 3 years, and that is very wrong since I’m only fifteen. I’m 125 lbs, which by all means is not fat at all, but my friends are basically sticks; sometimes I wonder if they starve themselves better than I do.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: @ Blog: Written From: My happy place.
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Dear Food Court Kid

It’s not too often that we see integrity or respect coming from a young generation. To guess your age, I would say young teenager. It was a simple thing that you did which spoke volumes about your consideration of and respect toward others.

You were eating lunch at the food court in the mall with what I assume to be your brother and father. After you meals, your brother left the table and your father got up to put on his jacket and you instinctively gathered up the lunch garbage and took it to the trash bin with the tray. It seemed natural for you to do that; not even being asked.

You wouldn’t have seen this, but the lady whose “job” it is to clear the tables was standing behind you, saw what you did and the look on her face was priceless; positive bewilderment. I’m pretty sure you made her day.

In a time when it’s hard to encourage people to not litter, you’re setting an example of something so much more – a lesson that not just “young” people need to adhere to.


An observer.

Today’s letter was written by Name: H.T. 575 Twitter: @haikutube Blog: http://haikutube.wordpress.com Written From: Canada
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Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Dear Magazine Driver, Today I was in a bit of a hurry and I couldn’t be bothered to be stuck behind a slow driver. I know, I know. I’m impatient at times. I could tell that you were in no hurry to get anywhere by the fact that you were driving 5 km/h under the speed limit and by the way you slowly inched forward after a stop light turned green. When I pulled up beside you at the next stop light I knew exactly why. When I glanced inside your driver’s side window I expected to a senior citizen white knuckling it because the road terrifies them. What I was not expecting was a senior citizen reading a magazine that was draped over the steering wheel and eyes that glanced up and down as if they were watching a yo-yo. I should’ve been scared to death that you were operating a vehicle beside me. But instead, I was thrilled that you have the guts to put driving cell phone talkers to shame. Texting and driving is for suckers. Try reading a magazine! Thanks for the smile….and not killing me on my way home. Cheers, Dave

Today’s letter was written by Name: Dave Sohnchen Twitter: @davesohnchen Blog: http://davesohnchen.com Written From: Kelowna, BC (Canada)
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The Dress Code of Spring

Dear Sunshine Stroller, There was a bold, confident air about you today as you strolled down the street in the early spring sunshine. I’m not sure if it was because something great had just happened to you and life couldn’t be better, or if it was because you were on the verge of turning your dreams into reality and had just stumbled upon the missing piece as you were inspired by the coming of spring. But maybe, just maybe, it was because you knew that you were the only person in town walking down the street with their shirt off only one day after it snowed. Your long, steady strides seemed to tell the story of a man who knew had big plans and places to go; neither of which were going to require any sort of upper body garment. There wasn’t even a t-shirt tucked into your belt. Driving passed in my car, with the windows up, wearing my thick leather jacket only one thought crossed my mind: Damn that dude looks cool. – Dave