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Will Your Thinking Change My Actions?

Dear Lone Strider, Something struck me as I watched your relatively emotionless body head down the sidewalk to God knows where: I have no idea what you're thinking. This may seem like an obviously dumb thing to say, but I'm serious. I have no idea if you're happy or sad. No idea if you just had lunch with someone you love or if you just lost your job. I have no idea if you're shocked from just winning the lottery or if you're somber as you're about to end your life. The big question for me is if I have this knowledge, would it change my actions? Would I stop to congratulate you on recent success? Would I stop to encourage you if life took an unexpected downturn? Would stop and try to find you help if I knew you couldn't take this life anymore? What I realized is that we ignorantly carry on from day to day as the world passes us by. It's unrealistic to think that an individual can be there for everyone, but what if it was just a handful. I'd like to believe that part of our roles as humans is to look out for one another; and this extends beyond those immediately around you. I truly hope you're having a good day. And who knows, maybe next time I see you, you'll have some good news to share.  -Dave